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Face, nose, and body specialist
Bringing Patient-Focused Care to Las Vegas

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A vision to create a more personalized plastic surgery experience

Our vision is built on the importance of relationships with our team and patients. We want our patients to feel like they are a valued part of our practice and we are committed to educating them thoroughly throughout their time with us.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Dr. Minoli is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon backed by years of experience

John Minoli, MD, FACS, is a triple board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose training and experience span over two decades from coast to coast. Specializing in surgery of the face, nose, and body, Dr. Minoli has a wealth of plastic surgical experience and knowledge. While he has undergone far more training than usual or necessary for a surgeon, he continues to study and learn, adapting and refining his skills to produce better and safer surgical results. Dr. Minoli has been recognized as a Top Las Vegas doctor for years.

Meet Dr. Minoli

This is a journey for patients. We are going to help them through it.

Dr. Minoli learned from doctors who made their patients feel like they were the only ones in the world. This philosophy is something that he and Anita carried into their practice. They are passionate about compassionate plastic surgery and take the time to focus on you and your needs without rushing you. You chose plastic surgery for your own reason — this is your story and your journey. Our team is here to help you throughout the process.

Dr. Minoli in Surgery

There are classic lines and classic proportions.

These are the types of results that interest Dr. Minoli. As an artist, he is committed to providing natural-looking results that are subtle and refined. Whether he is working on a patient’s face, nose, abdomen, or breasts, their body is a canvas, and Dr. Minoli pays special attention to ensure that all regions remain balanced and authentic to the patient. No one surgery is identical to another, and Dr. Minoli will tailor yours to fit your specific needs.

Plastic surgery is about beauty, but it is so much more.

Plastic surgery is more than science; it is more than surgery. It is a compassionate form of art that allows patients to feel transformed as they experience a sense of restoration and wholeness. Dr. Minoli has always believed in a combination of standard Western medicine practices and alternative pathways that address the patient’s body, emotions, and spirit.

Our team is a family — we rely on each other and treat you like one of our own.

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Featured Procedures


Dr. Minoli has studied under the top facelift surgeons in the world and continues to adapt his surgical techniques to bring his skill and artistry to all his facelift and facial rejuvenation surgeries.

About Facelift


As your central facial feature, even minor nasal concerns can feel significant to the patient. Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a complex surgery that requires a unique set of expert skills.

About Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty requires refined skill and years of technical experience. Revision rhinoplasty requires even more training to improve or correct results from a previous nose surgery.

Body and Breast Surgery

In addition to his facial specialties, Dr. Minoli also commonly performs body contouring and breast enhancement surgeries to enhance or restore your confidence in your body.

About Tummy Tuck

Kind Words From Our Patients

“Excellent Surgeon! He is passionate, meticulous, kind and does amazing work. Dr. Minoli genuinely cares deeply about his patients and he does excellent work.”

— Katrina H, Google Review

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Our team is dedicated to your care

Our highly skilled team is ready to help you realize your dream results while upholding the vision of a more compassionate and personally oriented plastic surgery experience.

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