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“Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Anita Bovee-Minoli

Anita Bovee-Minoli is an integral member of our plastic surgery practice, bringinging with her a wealth of experience and dedication to exceptional customer service. As a mother of four and grandmother, Anita understands the importance of building strong relationships and providing personalized care to our valued patients.

Anita’s dedication to family values extends beyond her personal life and is reflected in her commitment to running family owned business, with Anita, we can assure you that your plastic surgery experience and commitment to customer satisfaction will leave you feeling confident and comfortable throughout your transformation.

Get ready to embark on a wonderful journey towards enhanced confidence and beauty, guided by Anita.

Veronica Armas

Veronica Armas is Dr. Minoli’s lead patient-coordinator and medical assistant. Ms. Armas was awarded a diploma as an associate of applied science in medical assisting from Los Angeles’ CEI in 2003.

Since receiving her diploma 2 decades ago, her background as a medical assistant has been extensive. Initially after graduation she engaged as an assistant in chiropractic & gynecological settings.

Her next significant role spanned an 8-year period during which she provided expert medical assistance for a holistic medical practice. In addition to performing her routine holistic duties, she became their leading intravenous-phlebotomist.

By 2011, in an effort to move more toward aesthetic & regenerative medicine, Ms. Armas began working in the field of plastic surgery. By 2019 she became Dr. Minoli’s primary medical assistant.

Veronica maintains a calm, professional demeanor that has helped our patients feel so well attended. She is the mother of 3 beautiful daughters. Of note, in 2021 she became somewhat of a local celebrity for saving a person’s life by performing CPR in a public setting. She plans to provide excellent, life-affirming patient care for many years to come.

Danielle Chapman

Danielle Chapman has been involved as a medical assistant for almost 2 decades and still remains passionate about all-inclusive patient care. During the past decade she developed special expertise in aesthetic skin care and also as a surgical assistant for skin-cancer operations. Last year she became a welcome member of our plastic surgery team.

Ms. Chapman was awarded a diploma as an associate of applied science in medical assisting from Kaplan University in 2006: Her degree was awarded with special honors. During that same time period Ms. Chapman also received a special award for team-inclusion.

Danielle rounds out her life as a mother of 2 daughters; as a community volunteer for local food banks & for local veterans; and as an avid hiker & equestrian. In the past she was also a vital member of a nationally-recognized professional hot-rod automotive business.

In summary, Danielle Chapman has been a vital member of our team and is dedicated to our patients and to the achievement of their aesthetic goals.

Ancient arts are the healing arts, and he is a true artist.

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Even with Dr. Minoli’s accomplishments and training, he couldn’t do this without his dedicated team, led by his wife, Anita. Together, they have built a family practice based on compassionate and personalized plastic surgery care.

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